6 Reliable Internet Speed Test Tools of 2022

Whether you are working from home, playing online games, or binge-watching entire TV show seasons, all require a blazing-fast internet connection to perform. And if you feel your internet connection is unreliable during these activities, maybe it’s time to check your internet’s performance.

And for this, we have some of the best internet speed test tools available right now. Read on to find out some of the amazing benefits that these tools offer:

Ookla Speed Test

First up is the Internet Speed Test by Ookla. Ookla is among the pioneers of speed testing tools offering consistently accurate results for millions of people. This tool gives you a detailed analysis of your network’s download and upload speed, ping, latency, and further provides you with actionable insights.

Moreover, Ookla also offers a reliable VPN service that allows you to hide your original IP and surf the web in a more secure environment. The tool is also available on both Android and iOS platforms.


There rarely is a person on the planet that does not know what Netflix is. The platform has been providing limitless entertainment to millions of people all over the globe. But do you know that Netflix also owns an amazing speed test tool named FAST?

FAST is another dependable speed test tool that offers a simple and to-the-point experience. The tool may not offer a detailed analysis of your network but does get the primary job done, that is speed testing. And the tool is downloadable from Google Play Store and iOS App Store. is a simple speed test tool that does not require any assistance from third-party tools like Java or Flash. Instead, the tool runs entirely on PHP and HTML5. It is a great asset when it comes to comparing the browsing speeds of different browsers. And if you sign up for an account for this tool, you may also be able to access speed test history for future references.

M-Lab Speed Test

Even though none of the speed test tools mentioned above come with a complicated interface, M-Lab is still probably the easiest to use. M-Lab aka Measurement Lab Speed Test is an open-source speed test that may be accessible simply by typing “internet speed test” in the Google search bar. After doing so, simply click on the “Run Speed Test” button and let it calculate the results in a matter of seconds.


Another speed test tool that offers accurate results with consistency is SpeedOf.Me. This tool enables you to get a proper analysis of your network’s performance while also highlighting any fluctuations that it may be experiencing. You may also compare results with previously run tests for comparison.


Lastly, you could also consider the speed testing potential offered by SpeedSmart. This phenomenal tool allows you to test the network performance of 4G LTE, 5G, and Wi-Fi connections instantly.

In under 30 seconds, you can get a clearer picture of your network’s download speed, upload speed, ping, and latency. And since the tool features more than 100 servers located all over the world, you are bound to get highly accurate results. The tool may also be downloaded from the Apple App Store and Android Play Store.

Blazing-Fast Internet Options

If you often find yourself questioning your internet service’s performance, maybe it is time to switch internet service providers. And for that, do have a look at the internet service providers mentioned below:


AT&T internet deals are known to almost every person in the United States. This internet service allows you to access gigabit download speeds with symmetrical upload speeds. Moreover, the service provider offers various additional benefits that make the service worth subscribing to.


Mediacom internet packages are another way to go. Mediacom offers amazing internet and cable TV services that you could bundle to experience the best of both worlds. Not only will have download speeds as high as up to 1000 Mbps, but a rich TV channel lineup to keep you company as well.


Spectrum is another great ISP that you could turn to for help. Spectrum may not offer 100% fiber internet packages, but the hybrid fiber-coaxial network it offers is still capable of offering blazing-fast internet speeds to its consumers.

On a Final Note

You should not have to compromise on your internet connection no matter what. So, do turn to these speed test tools to analyze its performance and if the need occurs, subscribe to the internet service providers mentioned above.

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