Biman Bangladesh Airlines Dhaka Phone Number, Biman Bangladesh Airlines Dhaka Office

The office of Biman Bangladesh Airlines Dhaka. Main hub is Hazrat Shahjalal International Airport. The country’s official airline is Biman Bangladesh Airlines. Find out where the sales offices of Bangladesh Airlines are in Bangladesh. 

Call the Biman Bangladesh Airlines office phone number to find out more

  • Reservation
  • Refund
  • Cancellation
  • Baggage
  • Rewards
  • Or other kinds of services.

Below is the phone number for the Biman Bangladesh Dhaka Office.  Besides that, it has the address on it.

The phone number for the Biman Bangladesh Airlines office in Dhaka

  • +8801516338033
  •  +8801315403803 (WhatsApp)

Biman Airlines headquarter in Bangladesh.

Balaka. Kurmitola. Head Office

Dhaka. Bangladesh (1229).

When it comes to Bangladesh Airlines

Biman Biman is often used as the name of Bangladesh Airlines. 

Shahjalal International Airport in Dhaka. It is where most of the airline’s flights leave from (DAC). The Shah Amanat International Airport in Chittagong serves as a satellite hub for it (CGP). For smaller planes. Sylhet’s Osmani International Airport (ZYL) serves as a hub as well.

Biman Bangladesh Airlines Baggage Allowance Carry-On Baggage Baggage Carry-On:

This includes a purse or laptop. You can go in Commercial Class with a purse or laptop that weighs up to 10 kg. 

Biman Bangladesh Airlines check-in

Check-In Online Up to six hours before your flight. you can check in online.

Sign up for a flight

 Individuals who wil on a flight for which internet check-in is not yet available. The airline recommends. people get to the airport three hours before their flight.

How to get around airport rules . regulations more easi

  • You should always have your passport. visa. . plane ticket on you.
  • Go to the security checkpoint. check again to make sure you haven’t bought anything that isn’t allowed.

Your flight shows up on time at check-in. Important: Check-in ends an hour before the flight leaves. The gate shut 20 minutes before the flight took off. This can different depending on which airport you go out of.

 Biman’s luggage check

Bangladesh gave people traveling in commercial class 30 kg of luggage to check.

The Different Classes of Biman Bangladesh Airlines: Economy

The Biman’s economy class is a cheap way to travel. . you can bring whatever you need.

Bihang. the magazine that Biman gives out on flights. is available to read. You can have fun with it . learn about Bangladesh at the same time.

Biman Bangladesh Airlines has bought services that let people watch movies . live TV online. It has been able to connect to WiFi since September 2018.

Airlines have started to offer fresh. different food . drinks to their customers. It has packages of food for people with diabetes . for babies. The government looks at food packages again every three months.

How are the seats in Biman’s Economy class?

People will be able to sit in the st.ard primary seat on the plane. The width of the seats is 17 inches. . the depth is 32 inches.

Commercial Classification

Characteristics of the Commercial Class

Biman Special Services – Bangladesh Airlines

Check out the services below:

 They can help you check in quickly . easi. 


There are wheelchairs for both arriving . leaving.  go Limited’s customer service can reach.

Minor Unaccompanied

Airports have lounges.

The lounge is open to passengers in Biman’s Commercial Class as well as those with a Gold or Silver Card. 

People who take public transport

Hazrat Shahjalal International Airport has a special counter.  for people who are  passing through. 

The number given can be used to call the Biman Bangladesh Airlines office in Dhaka. You can buy a ticket . change your flight details for every Biman Bangladesh Airlines flight.

if you need help with booking. getting a refund. checking your bags. or anything else. Biman Bangladesh Airlines’s office in Dhaka. It has a customer service department that you can talk to.


1.How much carry-on luggage does Biman Bangladesh Airlines allow?

The free baggage limit is 10 kg. . you can only bring one piece. The total of the length. width. . height cannot be more than 45 inches (115 centimeters).

2.How is the Economy Saver different from the Economy Flexi Biman?

Economy Saver has a small number of free bags . a reasonable fee to change or get a refund. Economy Flexible. with a small number of free bags . a very low fee to change or get a refund.

3.How can I find out what’s going on with my Biman ticket?

Go to the website. type “PNR” into the search bar. . then click the “Click Here” button. You’ll take to the Biman Bangladesh website. where you can get to your PNR in a few seconds.

4.Can I bring two bags as luggage?

You can only bring one carry-on bag . one personal item unless you have a basic economy ticket. But we’ve all seen people bring more bags than they allow or put two bags in the overhead bin.

5.What is the difference between Basic Economy . Light Economy?

Economy Light passengers can only bring one carry-on item . one personal item. . tickets cannot change. rebooked. or refunded. Economy Basic fares come with a checked bag . can change for a fee. but they aren’t refundable.

6.If I check in online. Do I still need to print out a boarding pass?

To get through security.  show the TSA Agent your mobile boarding pass on your phone. iPad. or Apple Watch. along with a valid form of ID. To get on your flight. hold up one of the above devices with your boarding pass facing the scanner . scan it.

7.How important is it to have a printed boarding pass?

Ticket to Board

When passengers have completed mobile Check-in. they asked to print off their boarding pass. There will also be IndiGo ticket desks at the airport where you can pick up your boarding pass. To avoid waiting in line. you should pick up your print in advance.

8.If I use online check-in. Do I still need to visit the ticket counter?

If you have already checked in online. The only need to go to check-in is to drop your hold luggage. When booking a flight. it’s imperative that you research the airline’s policies on carry-on luggage.

9.After the plane already gone. Is it possible to switch seats?

Seat changes may be available after the plane takes off. but passengers should always check with a flight attendant first.

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