Helpful Online Poker Tools and Software for Beginners

The recently concluded poker world championship saw German player Koray Aldemir take home the $8 million prize. Aldemir beat American George Holmes at the final table of No-Limit Texas Hold’em; Aldemir won on the 223rd hand with a two-pair of 10s and 7s over Holmes’ pair of kings. Holmes took home $4.3 million as the runner-up of the Main Event, which had 6,650 entries.

It takes a lot of skill and training to win a poker championship as Aldemir did, given the tight competition. Many professional players use tools and software to up their game. The following software and tools can help players improve their game.

Odds calculator

Wouldn’t it be nice to know what the odds of winning a particular hand were? You would never play a bluff again, or fold a strong hand — only to find your opponent was bluffing. With an odds calculator, playing poker online can be a breeze. This software finds out the likelihood of you winning with the hand you’re playing. Once you install the software on your device, it will run silently in the background. Input your cards and your opponents’ cards so it quickly calculates your odds of winning by working on a statistical analysis of possible outcomes, based on the cards on the table and those remaining in the flop.

Hand converter

Going back through the hands you previously played and analyzing them can be beneficial to improving your overall game, but many online poker sites store hand histories in a text format that’s difficult to read. A hand converter can present hand histories in a more digestible way, so you can replay your hands easily. This tool helps poker beginners familiarize themselves with standard poker hand rankings, ranging from a royal flush to a high card. As some hands can overlap in strength, the strongest high card wins. With a hand converter, newbie players can replay hands to understand the intricacies of rankings.

Blind timer

It’s hard to play a smooth game with friends if you don’t have a good poker clock. A blind timer manages your time for in-person home games really well. Open the app on an internet browser or mobile device while playing, then enter your custom blind levels and breaks. You can also choose from preset blind structures like standard, turbo, or deep stack to play immediately. Enter the number of players and the starting stack, then let the timer do the rest. It will alert you when the blinds are up, the time until the next break, and the total time elapsed in your tournament so far. This way, there won’t be any confusion about missing blind increases or the tournament stage of your game.

NoteCaddy Edge

Tracking software is essential for poker pros, especially as online poker platforms are now full of millions of serious players hoping to win big payouts. One of the most popular tools is Hold’em Manager, which has a feature called NoteCaddy. NoteCaddy Edge is an extension that takes advanced, automated notes on your opponents’ tendencies and displays these on your HUD so you can make better decisions. This extension is great for realizing Hold’em Manager’s full potential because it lets you gain more information on your opponents using custom definitions, combo badges, or pop-ups. Of course, be wary because not all online poker rooms allow these tools in play.

Internet Speed Test Tools

If you play poker online, it can also help to use internet speed test tools, such as Ookla Speed Test,, and, to assess the performance of your internet. It’s important to have a strong internet connection when playing poker online, especially since other players are involved. Without a strong internet connection, you’ll make the game slower for the other players. At worst, you might even get kicked out of the game.

Navigating the world of poker as a newbie can be quite difficult. Fortunately, tools like odds calculators, blind timers, and hand converters can help you get the hang of the game.

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