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How to choose a precious gemstone to complement your skin tone?

We understand how tricky it gets to choose the best when you are surrounded by bling and brilliance. Every gemstone and jewel looks mesmerizing and we have a hard time determining what would look the best on us. The problem arises especially when you shift from traditional white and colourless diamonds to any other coloured gemstones. One effective way to find the best match is to choose a stone that complements your skin tone best. Here we have an extensive guide on how to determine the best stone as per your skin colour.

The skin tone test

the first step is determining your skin tone to choose a stone accordingly. You must understand the undertone first. To do this, you can do the “White paper test”. Simply place your hand on a white surface with the palm facing upwards. Closely observe the veins on your wrist. If they appear more bluish, you have a pink or cool undertone. If it appears greenish, you have a yellowish or warm undertone. If it is hard to determine, you have a neutral undertone.

Next, determine your skin tone. Your foundation shade is a good measuring scale to determine whether the skin tone is fair, medium, dusky or dark. Next comes choosing the gemstone that complements your undertone as well as skin shade best.

Gemstones for a warm undertone

When your skin is warm-toned, warmer shades would look best on your skin. Gemstones which have a golden yellow colour, or orange, red, and even warm pinks work for this skin tone. Stones like yellow topaz, citrine, garnet, ruby, and dark blue sapphire, would look great on this skin tone. If you want something extremely rare and unique, alexandrite is a good choice. The stone changes colour based on the light. Under artificial light, it is purplish red and sunlight turn it green. Women’s ruby wedding rings are the perfect choice for a warm skin tone.

Gemstones for a cool undertone

Cooler shades complement best when your skin has a rosy and pinkish glow. As a result, you will find gemstones in various shades of cool blue, violet, turquoise, and wine red, complementing your skin best. Aquamarine, pink diamond, Tahitian pearl, amethyst, peridot, tanzanite, turquoise and labradorite are perfect choices for this skin tone. You can even pull off a few varieties of emerald and topaz which have a cooler colour.

Gemstones that are universally flattering

If you want to avoid the hassle of shopping around for the perfect shade of gemstone, you can always go for universally flattering shades. Nothing beats the elegance of traditional white diamonds. You can also consider black diamonds which give an edge to your look and are very unique. A few other gemstones that complement every skin tone are moonstones and opals. The variety of colour-play on this stone makes it universally flattering on everyone. Lastly, you can also consider white pearls, and brown diamonds too.

Do note, the metal of the jewellery plays a part equally in the process. If you have a warm skin tone, yellow gold would complement it best. For cooler skin tones, platinum and white gold work better. Rose gold and tungsten are universally flattering metals which suit everyone.

When you are getting bespoke engagement rings made, the choice of gemstone plays a crucial role. Keeping in mind the skin tone will help you find the perfect piece that looks the best on you.

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