How Zonbase can help you Make Money with Amazon

Zonbase if not just an online research software but it’s a platform where one can get affiliated as a learner and excel in the field of selling through Amazon. Along with the research services through the extension of Zonbase and dashboard services (Zonbase website), one can also get free and paid courses to make the concepts clear in regard to the Amazon FBA with any of the business models.

In case of the basic learning and training are free of cost and one can get all the free training available on the website of the Zonbase official website. In case of advanced training or tailored training, Zonbase has the best personnel including the selling legends and experts who are responsible for making the new brands successful on Amazon with their own proven and practical strategies.


Below are the main topics which you should go through if you are interested in Amazon FBA or FBM courses:


Amazon FBA Wholesale Business Model

Amazon FBM Wholesale Business Model

Amazon FBA Private Label Business Model

Amazon FBM Private Business Model

Amazon FBA Online Arbitrage

Amazon FBA Retail Arbitrage


All of the above and more courses are offered through the Zonbase Academy and Free Training Call service by Zonbase.


However, if you know how to get through the process of selling on Amazon, you just need the research tools which are being offered by Zonbase at the best possible rate. The research tools are provided under two pricing plans, the first is the Standard Plan for 37$ and the second is for 67$, both having a monthly subscription.



The research tools are of four types which are offered by Zonbase and are divided by the nature of the work which they provide and are as below:


ZonResearch Tools

Research tools, which are required to get a profit wining product are further divided into four types which are as follow:

  • Chrome Extension
  • Sales Estimator
  • Hot Products
  • Product Validator

All of the above tools are used to get the profit-winning products that are needed to sell on Amazon. These tools can provide you with the best product ideas along with the required statistics for better analysis.


Sales Optimization Tools

Under Sale optimization tools, there are also five tools which are listed below:

  • Keywords
  • Reverse ASIN
  • PPC Autopilot
  • ZonTracker
  • PageOne


The above tools are responsible to get more sales once the product is live and launched on Amazon. With little observation and setting filters, you can do much more with these tools making your product sell.


Listing Optimization Tools

The listing optimization tools are as under:

  • Listify
  • Photo Enhancer
  • Listing Optimizer


The above three tools are designed to get the best Amazon Product Listings which would be optimized with the golden and general keywords along with the enhanced pictures of the product.



Under the Profits tools, there are three tools to get the required data for the competitor analysis and making decisions for PPC campaigns.

  • Profits Dashboard
  • Inventory Forecasting
  • BestSellers
  • Store Manager

If you are interested in any of our services, please do visit Zonbase.com.


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