Learn the Whats and Whys of ReactJS

React’s journey started in 2013 when developers experimented with the new technology, which slowly conquered their tech stack, thanks to its incredible capabilities of building complex applications with a robust structure and process. 

ReactJs’s capabilities are the driving factor behind many entrepreneurs and companies choosing to hire react.js developers for their current projects. 

If you, too, are looking for robust technology to support your website development, you are on the right page. 

In this write-up, we will discuss how a simple JavaScript-based UI library, ReactJS transformed the dynamics of web development. We will outline its benefits and usage further. 

So let’s dive in to learn the whats and whys of ReactJS deeply. 

How ReactJS changed web development?

Since the last two decades, the tech industry has changed significantly, with more and more logic moving to the client-side from the server-side. 

First, the introduction of frameworks like Angular modified the front-end of web app building. Then ReactJS got the spotlight for revolutionizing the back-end of a web app. 

Why use ReactJS? 

React’s abilities and robustness is open to all. The extensive use and popularity is a clear indicator of the technology’s incredibility. 

But its user base isn’t enough criteria to judge whether or not it will be best suited for your application too. Therefore, below you can find out the brilliant advantages you will acquire when working with ReactJS. 

  • Easy to learn:

The JavaScript-based library has a short learning curve, meaning developers working with basic JavaScript codes or recently starting with ReactJS can quickly adapt to the technology and use it to create robust websites. Therefore, you can even hire a developer familiar with JavaScript and take their help for developing your project. 

  • Reusable components:

Your React-based application will have components. Generally, your developer would begin by creating small elements such as checkboxes, buttons, dropdowns, menus, etc. and move ahead by creating wrapper components around it. As they continue to code high-level elements, they will have several hierarchical components and a root component. 

Even though every component has its own logic, if you hire a reactjs developer, you can reuse any component you wish. This shortens the project development time and provides you with a better time to market. 

  • Offers a unique abstraction layer:

Another business benefit not many entrepreneurs know about ReactJS is that it offers a good abstraction layer, which means the end-user would not be able to access the internal complexities. 

Your developer would have the flexibility of designing your application’s architecture since ReactJS does not dictate any architectural patterns such as MVP, MVC, and MVVM. 

  • Well established with vibrant developer tools:

ReactJS has a vibrant ecosystem. Using this, developers can locate a wide range of pre-built and customizable graphics, charts, documentation tools and other components. These components allow developers to build an application quickly without reinventing the wheel.  

Where to use ReactJS? 

Even though Facebook developed ReactJS for its own use, many companies and entrepreneurs began utilising it as soon as it was made open-source. 

Currently, the library enjoys a vast user base and is best used in the following use cases: 

  • Dashboards or data visualization tools: 

Dashboards and data visualization tools are super important for users to understand the gist of your website. This is especially important in use-cases such as Machine learning and Artificial intelligence.

Although the web may have some pre-built ReactJS dashboard templates, their license should be quite costly. Moreover, these templates are clunky for seamless integration into a web app. 

Therefore, to build a dashboard from scratch using ReactJS, you would still have to use development tools such as Airframe React and Ant. design. 

However, ReactJS is still the best technology to develop heavy-data and interactive dashboards. 

Advantages of ReactJS for dashboard development: 

  1. Component reusability initiates effective development.
  2. UI is updated efficiently and quickly, thanks to the Virtual DOM.
  3. It renders web pages quickly with the help of isomorphic JavaScript.
  • Social Networks: 

Entrepreneurs and companies developing applications working as social networks prefer to hire react.js developers for their projects since ReactJS fits perfectly for social networks. 

Although building a social network as a dynamic website may look fascinating, many experts and developers would agree that it has many disadvantages, such as DOM manipulation and long term maintenance. For example, Facebook started with ReactJS as a simple dynamic website and slowly moved to a single page foundation. 

Advantages of ReactJS for social networks: 

  1. Provides the benefit of SPA to social networking applications
  2. Easy social sharing and SEO 
  3. React along with Websockets allows easy real-time data processing
  • Ecommerce:

eCommerce-based applications can leverage the UI library – ReactJS. Why? ReactJS offers a clear indication of building reusable components with specific principles such as Atomic designs. Each component of your React-based e-commerce application should function independently. 

This is so that even if your web application fails to function at a specific part, your developer would be able to work at that particular function while other components continue to work as they should. This allows your application to function even if a component crashes, thus delivering an impeccable user experience. 

A significant advantage of using ReactJS for eCommerce is that its state management provides incredible performance benefits.

  • Single-page applications for multiple industries: 

ReactJS is a robust technology that can help you develop single-page applications for various industries. A single page application varies from the conventional multi-page applications we use all the time. When users interact with a SPA, they interact with the specific elements and not the entire page. Thus, the SPA loads only the specific elements without reloading the whole page if a request is made. Therefore, they offer a quicker and better user experience. 


Most entrepreneurs prefer to hire a react js developer considering the library’s capabilities and robust ecosystem. Companies such as Facebook, Netflix, Uber, Airbnb, Codecademy, etc., use ReactJS in their tech stack. Such big names in the tech industry as leveraging ReactJS to make the best use of it. Therefore, if you are also looking for a technology you can trust your application with, ReactJS is the ideal option. 

Above mentioned pointers are clear indicators of React’s abilities.

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